Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The Abyss

Dir: James Cameron
USA, 1989

I think I would consider this the first film in one of my favourite film genre's that I call: "Blue" films. I would put The Big Blue in this genre as well but only retrospectively. This was again a multiple viewing in the theatre film and I even saw it in IMAX. I think it might have been the first time I was looking forward to seeing something because of the director. I enjoyed it for a lot of reasons, an large ensemble cast of kinda outcasts, another strong women character and well... it was a lot of blue. But it influenced me in ways such as it showed the military not as the good guys, people taking care of their own (I loved Ed Harris in this film...) but mostly because its about belief. Belief that something could be good over something bad. Believing that you are going to make it, believing in yourself and trusting others as well. Dangit I'm getting teary eyed! hehe.

This film is included as part of The most influential films to me list.

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