Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Dir: James Cameron
UK/USA, 1986

I remember losing a art contest about creating a 'futuristic' ship/planet because I designed in on Aliens. It wasn't that they noticed and thought I was 'copying' but that it was based in military and violence "Those are the guns with grenade launchers.. and those ones have flame throwers.. and there is the ammo". The guy who won did a happy-dappy version of the future with people holding hands across the globe. How ironic that is, as now I'm really anti-gun/violence. I loved Aliens. It was scary, it had lots of characters to like and great lines (Anytime, Anywhere..., Why don't you put her in charge!" and it had not just one but 2 really great, strong, cool women in it. Ripley and Vasquez. I love how there were just as strong and just as tough and that gender was never an issue. Well, never a power issue. Actually if you include Newt it would be 3 strong female characters and I think I will. Ok, its 3.

This film is included as part of The most influential films to me list.

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