Friday, 20 July 2007

Conversations With Other Women

Director: Hans Canosa (Alma Mater)
Cast: Helena Bonham Carter, Aaron Eckhart
UK / USA, 2006

Seen: Aug 16, 2006 at Cumberland

Reason to see: I am on my second attempting my #7 on my 101 list: See 1 film a week in the theatre for a year. This is week 6/52. It was beginning to look like a tough call of what to see between Pulse and The Descent, but then I saw I could make it to see this.

Helena Bonham Carter was really wonderful in this film, not that I would ever expect anything less. I sometimes get Aaron Eckhart (The Core, Thank You For Smoking) confused with Thomas Jane (Deep Blue Sea, The Sweetest Thing) but I think after seeing this one I got them figured out. The film is really dependant on them and their performance although there was a bit of a cinematography 'trick' used throughout the film that was sometimes compelling and sometimes distracting. I'm not entirely sure what they were trying to achieve with it, could be the tone of the film, showing how the same thing experience can be seen/remembered differently depending on the person, and their point of view.

There was one line in this film that I will remember forever. I laughed out loud in the theatre. It was so shocking and so true, but I'm not going spoil it for anyone.

Confession: Even after watching it, I don't get the title

Shannon's Overall View:
I thought it was pretty good
I would watch it again
I would recommend it, if you are up to something a little different pace.

3 minutes and 3 commercials shown
5 minutes and 3 previews shown: Trust the Man, The House of Sand, Short Bus

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