Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Favourite Films of 2006

The year 2006 brought us 317 releases later, 40 of which were Canadian (woohoo - go Canada!), and 3 were re-releases of previous films. Being the curious creature I am I tallied up how many I saw at the end of the year and it was 32/317 of all the releases (about 10%) and 8/40 of the Canadian films (20%). If memory is correct last year I was at about 3% total, so things are looking good.

What would a year be without favorites lists? No fun, that's what! I'm all for fun so here is my list... Shannon's favourite films of 2006:

Favourite Canadian film: The Rocket / Maurice Richard
Honourable mentions: Metal: A Headbanger's Journey and Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Favourite US film: Tie: Little Miss Sunshine and Dreamgirls
Honourable mention: The Fountain

Favourite Foreign film: Night Watch / Nochnoi Dozor
Honourable mentions: District B13 / Banlieue B13 and Three Times / Zui hao de shi guang

Favourite Dance film: Take the Lead
Honourable mention: Step Up

Films with a Strong Message: An Inconvenient Truth and Unnatural & Accidental

Disappointments: X-Men: The Last Stand, Superman Returns, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (note they are all sequels)

Most Disturbing: The Proposition

Wish I'd Never Seen: Crank

Surprized I Didn't See: Poseidon, House of Sand / Casa de Areia, Lady in the Water, The Guardian

Solid Entertainment Choices: V for Vendetta, Casino Royale

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