Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Jesus Christ Superstar

Dir: Norman Jewison
USA, 1973

I remember finishing my Grade 9 Math exam earlier but wasn't allowed to leave so I started writing the lyrics to songs from this musical to pass the time. "Christ you know I love you, did you see I waved? I believe in you and God so tell me that I'm saved". My teacher was this, looked at me and said: "Are you... OK?". Ha. A fan of musicals I guess he wasn't. I love the 70's-ness of this film. I love the costumes, the multiculturalism of the casting, the music, I even love the hats. But really what does it for me is the dancing and the singing. I could watch the scene of Simon Zealot's a million times. I usually stop watched after Blood Money or maybe I Only Want to Say, as it gets too sad . The tanks scene still scares me. For me this is what defines a musical for me.

This film is included as part of The most influential films to me list.

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