Friday, 20 July 2007

Office Space

Writer/Director: Mike Judge ("Beavis and Butt-Head", Idiocracy)
Cast: Ron Livingston, David Herman, Jennifer Aniston, Ajay Naidu, Gary Cole, Stephen Root
USA, 1999

Seen: January 9, 2007 on Mpix

Reason to see: #10 on my 101 is to see the next 5 movies recommended to me regardless of what I think of them, and this was the sixth recommended. Yes I can count, but I decided to keep tracking it after 5 as I found it interesting. It was recommended by a co-worker at the office, funnily enough.

This film is yet another reminder to me to not wait years to watch comedies that people about. I know it would be so much funnier to see it at the time. Even so, I laughed a lot and I almost fell out of my chair when they mentioned the Y2K bug. There were so many things that I have heard or seen that reference this film from catch phrases to impersonations to even the commercial for WoW recently. It also really does capture of those weird things that come hand in hand working at an office be they technical, red-tape or bizarre combinations on personalities.
Fave quote: "PC Load Paper? What the **** does that mean????"

Shannon's Overall View:
I enjoyed it
I've already watched it again
I recommend it to anyone who does, has or may in the future, work in an office.

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