Friday, 20 July 2007

Saint Ralph

Writer/Director: Michael McGowan (My Dog Vincent)
Cast: Adam Butcher, Campbell Scott, Gordon Pinsent, Jennifer Tilly
Canada, 2004

Seen: December 2, 2006 on TMN

Reason to see: It's Canadian, and an inspirational story

Very strongly plot driven film, although I am not going to talk about the story here as I knew the story ahead of time and I found that I think it unfolds nicely without knowing what it's about. To me, it's not so much the context of the story but more about belief and drive. How believing in something can change you as a person and how it changes how people see you. On the flip side it can also bring out those who are resistant to change. Also, the struggle to believe. Wanting to believe and how it isn't something you can just follow directions and bingo there you have it, its a shift somewhere within yourself.

I'm curious as to whom their target market was. I found that I might be missing something due to not knowing the religious signifigance that they were refering too. I don't think its meant to be exclusionary or anything I just don't know much about Catholicism. I wouldn't want that to dissuade anyone, it just made me curious.

I also have a soft spot for Canadian film, which I am sure most of you know. This film is a great example of a Canadian film. The issues, the characters and the tone are all truly Canadian. I also love hearing Canadian references like 'my cousins in Cambridge' and CHCH radio. I love it.

Shannon's Overall View:
I enjoyed it
I would watch it again
I'd recommend it

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