Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Star Wars The original, aka Episode IV: A New Hope

Dir: George Lucas
USA, 1977

When people ask my "What's your favourite film" I answer: "You mean, after Star Wars?". I love this movie. I don't know and don't care if there are flaws. To me this film when I'm watching it I'm not even sure what I'm seeing as I've seen it so many times. It makes me happy, it reminds me of my childhood I remember actually seeing reels of it through a projector in our green room when my family still all lived together. We would watch it as it rewound and I remember laughing so hard when the stormtroopers fell 'up' to a standing position. To me it feels like home, it makes me feel safe. It's about people doing something they believe in and fighting for the greater good against all the odds. And then there are the moments that I watch for every time, the moments Hans eyes change colour, Mark Hamill shouting "Carrie", and of course the shoe. I am so happy I have a VHS version pre the remastering so I can watch it with all the 'flaws'.

This film is included as part of The most influential films to me list.

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