Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Take the Lead

Director: Liz Friedlander - directorial film debut
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Alfre Woodard, Yaya DaCosta, Rob Brown, Dante Basco
USA, 2006

Seen: April 7, 2006 at the Beach Cinema with Jamie

I loved loved loved Take the Lead.

Reason to see: It's a dance movie!! +2 for being inspirational teacher flick

I absolutely loved this movie. There was a slight moment of worry, not in the film but before it when looking around the theatre lobby and seeing all these teen and preteen girls giggling like mad. I though "Oh no, they are all here to see the movie I'm going to!" but alas, there must have been something else that held there interest. Don't get me wrong I was just like them at that age, and there is nothing wrong with that!!

Then there was a delightly intro from a staff member about the film and the theatre that thankfully passed some of the waiting time and was much more enjoyable than watching commercials in the disguise of trivia.

Then, the movie itself. Ah, was good. I knew it would be as I just didn't believe you could go wrong with a dance movie about giving people a chance, having an inspirational teacher and a dance competition. Oh, did I mention Antonio Banderas was in it too? No? Well he is. Loved it loved it loved it.

The pic is a pic of my ticket and the back of the seat in front of me :)

Shannon's Overall View:
I loved it!!!
I will buy it!
I would highly recommend it, especially to anyone who likes dance and/or inspirational movies

This film made it on to my Favourite Films of 2006 list

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