Thursday, 26 July 2007

Warming up for TIFF 07

I am really looking forward to TIFF this year. This week the film title and schedule info was released for the following programs: Canadian Retrospective, Midnight Madness, Sprockets Family Zone and Wavelengths.

Of the group, Midnight Madness holds the most interest for me out of this bunch and I'm wondering if this year I will make it to a midnight screening or fall into regular habits of seeing them during the day. There is something so surreal about seeing these films at 9am be them scary, wild, funny but most of all... over the top as in way above and beyond, taking a left past yonder and shoot straight past expectations.

So far on my list of this years selection are:

Flash Point
Dir: Wilson Yip
Looks like some serious fighting in this cop flick. I missed SPL at the 2005, which is by the same director, so I will take special care to make it out to this one.

George A. Romero Diary of the Dead
Dir: George A. Romero
Bring on the zombies!!!

Dir: Fumihiko Sari
I'm not usually first in queue for animated flick but this looks gorgeous and I find the premise of a futuristic yet self-isolated country fascinating.

See my reviews of films from last years Midnight Madness: The Host / Gwoemul, The Abandoned

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