Friday, 31 August 2007

Box 66

According to this note at TIFF Reviews, Box 66 is the pick for TIFF 07, and there was a total of boxes. This information is now confirmed and on the TIFF07 website.

I went down at about 9am on Friday Aug 31/07, there was just a bit of a line up* if you wanted to get your choices double checked by a staff member. You could also place your envelope in a box without waiting to have it check. I waiting and had it checked, just in case. Then my picks were placed in box 41 which places me in the 50th out of 75 boxes. Ouchies. I'm glad I added some 2nd choice selections.

How did everyone do?

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Note: Above picture is from the Festival Box Office at College Park Friday Aug 31/07 around 9am. There were 2 line ups, and a volunteer manning a box for dropping of envelops without checking.

* I'd recommend always asking the staff where to go to get into the correct line up (look for someone with a clipboard and/or headset), until you get the swing of things. I'm sure by day 4 we will all be versed in where the box office, ticket holders and rush lines are.


Ryan McNeil said...

I'm in box 33, just a bit ahead of you. I think the middle of the line isn't such a bad place to be.

Good luck!

Suzie Ridler said...

It's filling up quite quickly isn't it Shannon? I hope you get most of your first pics!

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