Tuesday, 28 August 2007

First Line up of the Year for TIFF 07

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I arrived bright and early (ok, 8:30am isn't that early...) at College Park to pick up all the things for the next step in the planning process! There were a fair amount of people there, but I arrived 1/2 hour early and once they started letting the line in it only took 20 minutes to get my stuff. Oh, what a happy camper I was to have the official film guide as well as the program book!

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I was floored that when I bought my book I was handed this huge bag and there was all this stuff inside. A co-worked was thrilled and say "Oh! Can I look through your swag?" Swag eh? Sure. Some of it was great stuff like a yellow/green highlighter which you need to fill out your advance order forms, Lindt chocolates and a $5 Starbucks card. There was also a great little put together about the Canadian films at the festival. Top points for that! There was a lot of promotional stuff as well. Here's a picture (I was only expecting the three things on the very left)

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The cat wasn't in the bag, he just likes to be near, in or on them.

Well I know how I will be spending my night, I've got the all the essentials out and ready. All I need now is a cuppa tea.

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Ryan McNeil said...

That's odd...I bougfht the guidebook too but didn't get the nifty gift bag. Guess I'll just have to buy my own Lindt chocolates.

Lucky for me I already have a cat.

Ryan McNeil said...

Oh and btw, just added a link to your blog from mine. Have a good fest - keep your eyes open for the guy in the hat.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Heya Mad Hatter!

Apparently they had about 3000 gift bags that ran out on Tuesday according to Richard at TIFF Talk.

I'll add a link to your blog, happy festivaling and see you in line!

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