Wednesday, 5 September 2007

And it begins....things to remember while festivalling

As we are less than 12 hours before the festival begins I thought I would put out some gentle and helpful reminders on how to have a smooth festival experience.

Remember your ticket
Not much is worse than getting to the theatre and realizing your ticket is sitting diligently by the door waiting for you. Keep it (or them!) in or with something you take everywhere. Could be your wallet, glasses case, bag or purse but make sure it's on your person when you head out. If you have a pass, or a ticket that needs a pass, make sure you have that too. It's a good thing I am writing this right now - I hadn't put my pass in my bag!

Check your ticket
I'm sure you checked the film title, but it's always good to double check the date and time (am or pm... they have shows running from 9am to midnight most days) and the theatre. In the program book sometimes the eyes waver which you are looking at all those films and you don't want to find yourself at Ryerson when you need to be at the ROM.

Give yourself enough time
If you are particular about seating make sure you get there early. Also, some of the theatres are within really short walking distance of each other (Cumberland/ROM/Varsity/Bader) but others are a fair distance (Ryerson/Scotiabank).

Wear comfy shoes
Especially if you plan on going early, or have multiple screenings to go to and/or quick treks across town. One of the things I noticed on ticket pickup day was the huge abundance of sensible shoes - quite the site.

Layers can save the day
Not all theatres are created equal. I tend to always bring a sweater whenever I go to the movies, and this I would recommend just in case and if you have the space. Ryerson is notorious for being chilly especially.

Ask the right person the right questions
Have a box office (ticketing) question? Ask the box office staff.
Not sure who to ask what question? Ask someone (volunteer or staff) who is the best person to talk to.
It's always great to chat with folks in line, but if you want to know something for certain - ask staff.

For general movie going etiquette, check out Mr Manners has a great article and podcast over at Mr Manners Quick & Dirty Tips for a More Polite Life. If nothing else - turn off your phone!

And I almost forgot... check the weather! It apparently always seems to rain one day, so check ahead and have anything you need handy whether that's an umbrella or sunscreen. Toronto in September is all over the board. Vickie at MoviePie Musings had the brillant idea to post next-day weather forecast for Toronto. Great idea Vickie!


Jamie said...

Great tips! Now I feel like I have a little movie moxie myself! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. And great reference to Mr. Manners too! Thanks, Movie Moxie!

Suzie Ridler said...

Very cool list Movie Moxie, makes a lot of sense and is fun to read!

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