Monday, 10 September 2007


Do you understand the lineup's and ticketing system?

66% say Yes

33% say No

Here is some info for that 33%. When you arrive at the theatre you need to know where you are at. Do you have your tickets (an actual ticket with the film title on it in hand), do you want to get tickets or are you going to try and rush the show?

If you want to get tickets, you can check 'the board' outside the theatre. They are the large boards that list all the film titles. Theatres sell tickets for any show playing at that theatre on that day (for advance and online ordering check out the tiff site: Unless the show you want to see say 'Rush Only' go to the box office (inside the theatre) and buy your tickets. Then you are a Ticket Holder...

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If you have your tickets, you go to the Festival Ticket Holders line up. Some theatres (like Scotiabank) have signage that specifies the cinema you are lining up for. Others (like Cumberland) all ticket holders are in the same line. When in doubt, ask a staff member or volunteer and show them your ticket.

If the show has gone Rush, then you are looking to join the Rush Line:

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Rush tickets are usually released at the last minute. Make sure you let the person manning the Rush line what show you are there for and that you have your cash, pass or voucher handy. The is usually 1 rush line for all cinema's within a theatre, so don't get intimidated if the line if long. That being said there is no guarantee you will get in from the rush line, but there is always a chance.

Happy festivalling & see you in line!

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