Thursday, 6 September 2007

TIFF 07 Day 1 - Sept 6/07

Things to note: The Advance Ticket line at the Varsity extends outside the building this year. Previously I only remember lining up inside around and around and in stairwells and twisting and turning through the Manulife Centre. Anyhow, not to self and others to keep that in mind on less than nice weather days.

Film of the Day:

Cèdre penché, Le
dir: Rafaël Ouellet
Program: Canada First!

I highly recommend this film. It was a real joy to watch, naturalistic and non narrative. The two leads play sisters that are singer-songwriters and the music was amazing. Producer Denis Côte was there for the Q&A and revealed that him and Rafaël Oouelle made an agreement to both make films for $10,000 and this is Rafaël Oouelle entry. A stunning achievement that is, and such a beautiful film. I look forward to seeing Denis Côte film, Nos vies privé which is also playing at the festival.

We are off to a great start!

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Jamie Ridler said...

fCongrats on getting started! And it sounds like you found a winner there. It's funny how often non-narative films get the thumbs-down, but I know that I personally often like them. I'll keep my eyes open for this one.

And your note about the line really gives some perspective - like before the line was "only" down the stairwells and twisting through the Manulife, hehe.

Enjoy today!

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