Friday, 14 September 2007

TIFF 07 Day 9 - Sept 14/07

Day 9 of TIFF was full of great films and full audiences. It has been such a journey so far, and although tired I'm a little sad to only have 4 more films on my roster. I've been extremely happy with my selection so far and still have a few to look forward to. I do anticipate it to be busy tomorrow and expect to see full rush lines as people are using up the last of their tickets. This may be for me the first year in a while I'll make it out to something on the final day. But enough about tomorrow, here is what happened today!

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(Tom Collins)

Dir: Tom Collins
Reason to see: Underdog story, Colm Meaney (woohoo!)

Impressions: Turns out not so much of an underdog story as a story about being displaced from ones culture, in this case a group of Irish friends whom have lived in London for the majority of their lives. The film played to a very responsive audience. It was also a treat to hear a film in Irish Gaelic.

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(Wilson Yip)

Flash Point / Dao huo xian
Dir: Wilson Yip
Reason to see: I always try and work in at least one film at the festival that has martial arts, and this is this year’s selection for me. I also missed SPL in 2005 (I still remember the woman running the rush line shaking her head when I asked at my chances), so I’m really looking forward to it.

Impressions: Oh man, if you like martial arts films you have to see this. The fight scenes were just beyond belief. The acting was solid and I could follow the story but in general we know what it's all about - fighting, fighting and a little side of fighting and boy oh boy did it deliver. Great music rounds out the film and kudos to the audience as well whom were really into it as well. This makes it into my top 5 for this years festival films.

Flash Point Poster
Flash Point poster

Stone Angel, The
Dir: Kari Skogland
Reason to see: Canadian film based on the book of the same name staring Ellen Burstyn.

Impressions: Brilliant film with astonishing acting and huge cast. This film feels 100% Canadian experience, and just like a Canadian novel you start of watching and watching thinking to yourself that you aren't that involved and then all of a sudden you find you couldn't tear yourself away if you tried. It also gets accredited for the second tears of the festival from me.

Thousand Years of Good Prayers, A
Dir: Wayne Wang
Reason to see: Going to this one with my sister, and she suggested it so that’s the reason!

Impressions: Touching film exploring family, loneliness, and forming new/reforming old relationships. This film includes a standout performance by Henry O, gently placed and in a lovely combination of languages. This is a companion piece to The Princess of Nebraska, however I only viewed A Thousand Years of Good Prayers.

Highlight of the Day: Q&A for Flash Point which included some lovely tidbits of information such as only 1 scene used wirework, one of the action sequence took a month to shoot and that there were many many injuries during filming.

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Suzie Ridler said...

Oh man! Sounds like Flash Point is one for me and Reg. A martial arts movie with good acting...???!!! I gotta see that one.

I bet The Stone Angel was a tear jerker. That book got me all tied in knots I couldn't finish it for years but then had to because I had to know what happened and it crushed me. So good though. I am so thrilled, beyond thrilled, they did the book justice. I must see this one somehow!

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