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TIFF 07 Day 4 - Sun Sept 9/07

Today was a marathon day, I managed to get in six films. I'm glad I only have one day like that I'd not recommend it. However I would recommend seeing Boy A. It is the best film I've seen this year at the festival by far, I would say that for me it is this year's True North (the only festival film I have ever liked so much I saw it twice). It is not an easy subject matter by far but the story is amazing and the acting is phenomenal. Not only is the wonderful Peter Mullan in it, but film newcomer Andrew Garfield's performance is beyond words. There is one more public screening Fri Sept 14/07 at 9am at the ROM.

Boy A
Dir: John Crowley
Swapped in a Sunday morning film to allow for an early night somewhere else. That was a tough choice... subways open late on Sundays and I'll have to tape Coronation Street.

Impression: So worth getting up early on a Sunday morning it was unbelievably good, see praise above. The crowd was head over heels for it and it received a well deserved standing ovation. Best film I've seen this festival by far.

Dir: Peter Carstairs
Coming of age, friendships, social commentary of 1968 Australia.

Impression: Strong performances depicting the subtle relationships and choices in Australia. Compelling story about choices, family and friends.

Wild Horse Redemption
Above: From the Wild Horse Redemption Q&A

Wild Horse Redemption
Dir: John Zaritsky
Documentary about inmates training horses, that’s interesting. And it’s (yes you’ve heard it before…) Canadian.

Impression: This is the second Canadian documentary I've seen this year that was not set in Canada. Set in Colorado with an inmate horse training program. Amazing stories about the inmates and the horses and the impact that those building that kind of relationship as well as a skill can have. Truly inspiring.

Nos vies privées / Our Private Lives
Dir: Denis Côte
Canadian, looks compelling with the themes of isolation and connections

Impression: I really enjoyed this film and I think it's absolutely wild to know that it was written in English, translated to Bulgarian and the two actors are Bulgarian however it was shot in Quebec and the director doesn't speak Bulgarian. Would you know any of that by seeing it? Well, you'd pick up it's in Quebec and in Bulgarian but the rest I think not. I thought it was marvellously successful in showing various emotional stages of a long drawn out yet hyper speed relationship. You almost never saw what you would expect however it always felt 100% true. A brilliant film.

Love Comes Lately
Dir: Jan Schütte
Hmm.. not sure on this one, probably because I liked it better than other options at that timeslot.

Impression: The audience loved this film, laughing all along the way. I laughed a few times but it was not to my taste.

Dir: Milcho Manchevski
Wow, I’ve no idea. Possible because it’s part of the Masters program and European co-pro.

Impression: Freaking scary! The director said before the screening that it is not for the faint of heart and that is very true. It was very creatively told story and visually stunning, but pretty freaky. I'd very much be interested in seeing more of the directors work, however next time perhaps during the day.

Highlight of the day: John Crowley, director of Boy A saying to the audience "I know you love film but good God what time of the morning do you call this?" for the 9:15am Sunday morning screening.

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