Friday, 30 November 2007

High Noon

Dir: Fred Zinneman (From Here to Eternity, The Day of the Jackel)
Cast: Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Lloyd Bridges, Lee Van Cleef
USA, 1952

Seen: May 6, 2007 thanks to Toronto Public Library

Reason to see: It’s on my 101 list of films I can't believe I haven't seen

This film reads a lot more sombre than many westerns. Even the opening sequence is paired with a song along the lines of a ballad as opposed to something lively, eerie or catchy. So right off the bad you know you are in for something different. Add to that, it's in real time. Add more to it, it's not overly long at 84 minutes but feels long and like not much is happening. I even wrote in my notes "Lots of build up, nothing has happened". There is an interesting premise in there, but I wanted more. Characters, story, punch, heart, anything... something, maybe even a little bit of everything but as long as there was more.

One thing to note is at the time of viewing I was not aware of the connection it was making to blacklisting.

Shannon's Overall View:
It did not hold my attention
I'd give it another shot
I'd recommend it to classics and real time film fans

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Suzie Ridler said...

When I saw the title I thought, hey I've seen this. Then I saw the cast and read your review and realize, nope, I haven't. It's not really calling me that much but it's so famous! I probably will see it one day.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

It really is 'one of those that you feel like you should see'. It ranks pretty huge on multiple lists (imdb, afi..)

In terms of westerns it's a bit of a controversial one, films have been made in response to it, people are rather vocal on if they love it or not, and there is a bit of a tussle on whether or not it un-American or not and well, that isn't usually something I focus on.

Czaro Woj said...

I remember seeing this a few years ago, liking the opening shots, and then not much that came after.

I also remember reading a book about Billy Wilder (or was it Hitchcock?) that pretty much spoiled Gary Cooper for me...

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Heya Czaro Woj! The opening is a good scene, and the premise is interesting I just wasn't terribly fond of it.

I'm sorry to hear that Gary Cooper was spoiled for you :(

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