Saturday, 17 November 2007

Reel Asian 2007 Day 3 - November 16/07

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Owl and the Sparrow /Cú và chim se sẻ
Dir: Stephane Gauger - feature film debut
Cast: Pham Thi Han, Cat Ly, Le The Lu

Impressions: It is so refreshing to see a film about hope and persistence to strive towards what believe in, and helping other people selflessly. Owl and the Sparrow follows the story of three protagonists: Thuy a young girl who takes a chance to make it on her own at the age of ten, Lan an unfulfilled flight attendant and Hai a zookeeper. Who would think these three would have anything in common? But they do, they are all searching for something, or is it someone? It is a gentle and touching look at the optimistic side of human nature and the power of choice.

After viewing, it is no surpize that Owl and the Sparrow has already won awards at the festivals where it has played. I would expect this trend to continue as it is well deserved.

Reel Asian Owl and the Sparrow link
Owl and the Sparrow site link

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Stephane Gauger - director of Owl and the Sparrow, Heather Keung - Reel Asian Programming Manager

The Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2007 runs from November 14-18, 2007 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Suzie Ridler said...

Oh, I so wish I could see this one. I so wish it. It sounds perfect.

Jamie said...

I really enjoyed this film and the experience of going to the Reel Asian Film Festival! Maybe next year I'll get to see more :)

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