Thursday, 20 December 2007

I Am Legend

Dir: Francis Lawrence (Constantine)
Cast: Will Smith
USA, 2007

Seen: December 17/07 at Scotiabank, in IMAX

Reason to see: My last week on See 1 film a week in the theatre for a year!

I did find it believeable, I wasn't finding (or looking) for continuity holes nor did I question the science/technology aspect of the film. Wow, I must have not been very impressed with the film if that is an opening sentence. I found that for the majority of the film thinking Will Smith is a better actor than this. I thought he was excellent in Ali and enjoyable in Hitch, but I was thinking way to much about the performance instead of just enjoying the film. I think it is a fun action film, it has a great story and a fair amount of cleverness but it did not win me over upon this viewing. However I will admit I didn't find myself initially drawn to this film, which is surprizing given that it is scifi in nature and that can often mean I am first in line! I think it is because I've enjoyed so many more foreign and independent films this year and avoided the majority of Hollywood blockbusters.

Shannon's Overall View:
I found it switched between scary and slow
I'd try watching it again
I'd recommend it for action and scifi (of the post apocalyptic nature) fans

15 minutes of preshow including a 4 minute IMAX 'lightshow' and 3 previews including Spiderwick, Shine a Light and The Dark Knight, which was more like a 5 minute long clip as opposed to a preview. Initially I thought it actually was I Am Legend as there was no 'Mr Moviefone' or similar voice over.

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to see this in IMAX but I just couldn't justify the trip from the burbs to further out in the burbs. Still, I did apparently enjoy the film more than everyone else at rowthree.

Suzie Ridler said...

I enjoyed the movie too, thought it was very smart and interesting but found it really dark yet moving. A little darker than I like to watch these days but I really enjoyed Will Smith's performance but then I haven't seen Ali yet.

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