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One Minute Film and Video Festival 2007

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2007 marks the 5th year for the One Minute Film and Video Festival. Every year there is a theme for the festival and for 2007 the theme is Secrets. This theme provided us with many films to see, and I was surprized at how often I was thinking during the film: What's the secret? It must have been a challenge to hide and reveal a secret in a mere sixty seconds.

With 52 films it was not easy to hold in the noggin' what happened in each and every one. Thankfully the festival provides views with a program that lists each of the one minute wonders along with a still shot. I for one, say a hearty "Thank you!" for the lovely memory jogger.

Here are the stand outs:


Beijing 2007
Tania Ursomarzo
Beautiful and tender moments of a flower in a glass

Evan Trapper
A wealth of expression, and ice


No Cigar
Colin McIvor
This one got my vote for best. Perfect in every sense of the word.

Daniel Cockburn & Jeff Szpirglas
Spoilers indeed, each and every one

Coming out of Context
Powzy Dewhurst
Brilliant reinterpretation of the Archie comics


Nobody Listens to a Hysterical Woman
Penny Lane & Jesse Stiles
Intense and successful at creating a truly uncomfortable environment

This Thing is Bigger than the Both of Use: These Are Facts
Daniel Cockburn
Effective and tense


Deer-Leg Nun-Chucks
Joe Hambleton
Best name out of the short, and bizarre film to boot!

The festival was a lot of fun, great energy in the room and was rounded off with awards presentation. It really packed a lot into one great night. I highly recommend checking it out next year and the years to come.

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Matthew C. Brown and Meredith Dault presenting honourable mention to Evan Tapper for Ice9

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Matthew C. Brown, Meredith Dault presenting award for animation to Flemish Beauty for The Inquisitive Snail

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The 5th One Minute Film and Video Festival was on November 22 2007 at the Bloor Cinema, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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