Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Dir: Matt Reeves (The Pallbearer)
Cast: T.J. Miller, Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas, Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel
USA, 2008

Seen: January 22/08 at Scotiabank

Reason to see: Oh, the spectacle! But seriously, Jamie invited me.

Even though the previews for this film were very 'teaser' like and didn't give much away, I found myself actively trying not to think about what might happen next. For the most part that wasn't too hard because the film style and plot keep you constantly off balance between knowing almost nothing and then POW! visuals of everything and anything... what *is* that? It can't be.... it is!!! And so on and so forth. It's a pretty fun ride if you meet the strong resistant to nausea requirements, which luckily I did so I watched with wide open eyes and sometimes dropped jaw during the very loud screening.

Considering the setting and content, it does bring up the question of whether or not it is too soon after 9/11 for this type of film. So far, I've mostly seen people asking the question but not responding so maybe people are feeling ok about it.

Warning: For those whom are susceptible to nausea from shaky-can (a la Blair Witch Project), I would say you'd likely want to give this one a pass. There were walk outs during the screening I went to and it did give an unpleasant reaction to a fair number of people I've spoken to.

Shannon's Overall View:
It was certainly a film 'experience'
I'd not likely watch it again
If disaster films are your thing, you want to see this - in the theatre

roughly 10 minutes of preshow including 2 commercial and 6 previews: Step Up 2, Jumper, 10,000 BC, The Ruins, Star Trek and Iron Man.

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PIPER said...

I saw it twice, dismissed it early and then had second thoughts.

It's a fun ride and it reinvents the big-monster genre so it gets points for that.

My initial reaction to the 9/11 question is that since its based on that previous knowledge, I didn't understand why people would stand around and try to photograph the Statue Of Liberty head while buildings are blowing up around them. I mean, I know it's cool but get the hell out of there.

Suzie Ridler said...

I finally saw this one thanks to On Demand bringing it back and I really liked it. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and thought how they did it was clever. I agree though that having it set in NYC was uncomfortable but at the same time, it was very effective. I liked this way more than I thought I would!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Wow, I've not sat down an watched on in TV. I know in the theatre one of the big things was the shakycam = motion sickness, was that a factor at all on the small screen?

I'm glad you finally got to see it Suzie, that is exciting that it still holds up well (haha, it's only been a year). The setting was certainly effective!

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