Tuesday, 1 January 2008

It's 2008, but is it really?

Yes, our calendars, datebooks, timestamps, emails and blog posts all say 2008 now but in terms of film I believe we will be firmly rooted in 2007 for the next two months. Not only are the early months if the year prone to less than stellar releases (remember Blood and Chocolate, Primevil, Freedom Writers? ok you remember them, but did you see them?) but pair that with films getting a late release here for the awards season. That's right, awards season is well upon us with the Golden Globes less than 2 weeks away (Jan 13), and Oscar nominations around the corner (Jan 22).

Usually at this time of year I am all excited, making lists, scouting dvd release dates and second run theatres to see how much I can see. It's long been a goal for me to see all the Oscar nom's before the big show itself (Feb 24 for 2008), and in my goals of 101 things in 1001 days is to see them and this is last year possible in the 1001 days. Last year I was really close but didn't make it. This year, I'm stumped on what to do because many of the films I think are likely to be nominated I don't want to see, namely No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood. They seem to be too dark and too violent for my tastes. In previous years I've sat through films just due to their Oscar nom's and regretted it: The Pianist, which I found too painful and Gangs of New York which was so dreadful I almost left. So, what to do? I will revisit options on Jan 22 when the list is out, but let's take a look at some of the possibilities, using just the Golden Globe nominations list and imdb's top 250 (which had an impressive 12 titles from 2007 make it's list).

The most Golden Globe nominations at 6, including film, direction, 3 acting nom's and score.
245 on imdb's list
Period piece
I'd say it's very likely it will get nominated for Oscar's. I think the preview gives away a little too much and it definitely looks pretty emotional.
Verdict: yes - I would see it.

Charlie Wilson's War
5 Golden Globe nominations and not on the imdb list, however was released very recently.
I'd say it will get Oscar nom's.
This one is a bit of a tough call for me. Comedy about funding a war? And not fiction? Very Americana. None of that pulls me in at all. I'd be interested to see Philip Seymour Hoffman though.
Verdict: unsure

Michael Clayton
4 Golden Globe nominations, pretty good acclaim across the board, not on the imdb list.
I'd say this one might get snubbed, but ironically I would see it. Although we've seen these kinds of stories in films a fair amount, they often provide an opportunity for some amazing acting.

No Country for Old Men
4 Golden Globe nom's and is an impressive #18 on the imdb list.
I'd be shocked if this doesn't snag several Oscar nom's.
Verdict - No, I won't go see it. Mean people doing bad things. Zero interest, I don't care how 'good' it is.

There Will Be Blood
Only 2 Golden Globe nom's, but sits at 110 on imdb.
Like No Country, I'd be surprized if it doesn't get nominated.
Verdict - I don't think I could see this. Too dark, and entrenched in people being more interested in money over humankind.

3 Golden Globe noms and 161 on imdb, this really is the 'darling' film of the year. I've not heard a bad word about it. But, I think it will get the snub. I would see it, but it's not the first on my to see list.

American Gangster
3 Golden Globe noms and 153 on the imdb list
Hard to say, there wasn't much buzz about the film after the release. Not sure if it will get nominated
Verdict: I'd see it, and a little surprized I've not seen it yet. I love the men involved: Ridley Scott, Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, but not so much the whole crime thing.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
4 Golden Globe nom's and 129 on the imdb list
Off the hook - Seen it!
I'm going to shock you all and say I've seen this and I *loved* it. I know I know, I keep going on about not being interested in darkness but this different. Tim Burton is a genius, and the world he created is so richly stylized it just oozes, literally. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are phemon.
I'd say it will get Oscar nom's for artistic awards and Helena Bohnam Carter - more likely in supporting than main. I think it would deserve way more, but that is my prediction.

3 Golden Globe noms and not on the imdb list
I'd say it's likely to either get snubbed or for 1 nom for Nikki Blonsky.
Verdict: Seen it! Great film. One of the most fun films of the year, but also goes deeper than just that but isn't as heavy handed as a 'message' movie. Brilliant.

Eastern Promises
3 Golden Globe noms and surprizingly omitted from imdb (it should be there technically as it holds a 7.9 rating along with the 18 on the list)
I think it's a bit of a dark horse for Oscar nom's but not impossible.
Verdict - seen it! It was very dark but also quite good.

1 Golden Globe nom and a very impressive 104 on imdb
Shoe in for animated film nomination.
Verdict - Yes, I will see this. And it's on ppv, so likely I'll see it soon.


Rachel said...

We're pretty serious about getting to see all the Oscar nominated films at my house, too. Out of your list here, I've seen seven. We'll see Atonement soon. Other high priorities are The Savages and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. We did a double feature of Charlie Wilson's War and Juno on Saturday. You must see Juno. I liked No Country For Old Men quite a bit. The reaction I'm hearing it pretty polarized. It is very suspenseful. As for the violence, if you endured the shower scene in Eastern Promises, I think you can handle this. The ending has people going crazy. American Gangster was just okay. You don't need me to tell you Ratatouille is awesome. I'm psyched to see There Will Be Blood and will see Sweeney Todd more out of curiosity and obligation than excitement.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Oh, Diving Bell - I should have included that one. I think I stopped at 3 Golden Globe nom's, but that one is likely to make it. I almost cried just in the preview.

I'm pretty sure No Country will be a No for me. Nothing about it interests me, at all. It's true Eastern Promises had a lot of brutal moments, but I went as it was Canadian co-pro and to see the lovely Ms. Watts.

I'm impressed at the films you saw this year! And 7 out of this list! Looks like you are doing great!

Sheamus the... said...

Cool...nice to meet you. Love Luc as well. Getting ready to watch AngelA and pretty excited. Be seeing ya.

Suzie Ridler said...

I saw Blood and Chocolate! We LOVED it and just watched it again, soooooooo good.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Interesting to note: all films with the exception of Hairspray received Academy Awards nominations.

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