Tuesday, 12 February 2008

My week in film


Welcome to my week in review! Starting off with a fun morning enjoying TCM with a set of classic science fiction films. I watched Forbidden Planet, which I hadn't seen in years and dialogue cracked me up as it is so tongue-in-cheek. I also watched Them!, which I hadn't seen before and was a great classic monster movie.

All Hat was the surprize delight of the week. This unimposing and cleverly crafted Canadian film was well worth braving the snow on Wednesday. I stayed and watched Love & Other Dilemmas making it a Canadian double bill night, but I was disappointed at this film it pulled in a lot of different themes and some were funny but almost none were plausible. Even so, it has some cute moments.


Although I've decided not to watch all the Oscar nominated films this year, I am taking the opportunity to see the ones I wanted to see and missed, which is how I caught up on seeing La Vie en Rose / La Môme. The performance of Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf is stellar, and it is a very strong film. I had no idea she had such a challenging life. My only grr moment is that the songs were not subtitled, and I really wanted to know the words. Other than that it was fantastic, but sometimes sad, film.

Continental, un film sans fusil / Continental, a Film Without Guns was without a doubt the highlight of the week. The screening was at Cinematheque as a part of Canada's Top Ten. Not only was is a beautiful film attended by a engaged audience, but the director Stéphane LaFleur and Cinematographer Sara Mishara were in attendance and there was a delightful Q&A after the film. What a treat! As a bonus, I've now seen all of the Best Motion Picture nominees for The Genies. Yay!

I caught up with a hidden gem, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ...and Spring / Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom. When I took it out at the library they asked me about it and all I could think to say was that it's highly acclaimed (if you are Rotten Tomatoes fan you will know this is true, it has an extraordinary high score). I am still not sure how or when I heard about it but I am glad I did, completely loved it. Rich in symbolism, and beautiful overall.

The Big Lebowski was the only meh moment of the week. It's the first film in quite a while that I turned off. I'm not a Coen brothers fan to begin with, and any film that has someone urinating as part of the plot holds no interest in it what so ever.

Last but not least I finally saw The Lookout with Joesph Gordon-Levitt. It was not what I expected at all thinking it would be a crime-thriller, which technically it is but it reads for the majority of the time as a drama and quite simplistic. It is worth watching, presenting interesting and solid acting by Joesph Gordon-Levitt, Jeff Daniels and Matthew Goode.

This coming week I'm hoping to see, Up the Yangtze, Enchanted and catch up on a few westerns The Wild Bunch and For a Few Dollars More.

What did you see this week?



Bob Turnbull said...

Let's see...

I watched "The King Of Kong" last night and I thought it was terrific. I kinda wish it had lasted longer.

Saw "In Between Days", a Korean film set in Toronto (well, they never mention the city in the film, but once you see the GO trains...) about a young teenage girl trying to find her way...It's certainly not as stylish as "The Tracey Fragments", but in the end is likely a better portrait of teenage confusion. It's not overly entertaining, but it's effective.

Watched my first "Mumblecore" film as well - Joe Swanberg's "LOL". Overall I had a positive reaction to the way it showed this group of guys who were unable to communicate without the walls of their techie toys (cell phones, email, etc.). But man, these guys were jerks...If Swanberg based these characters on people he knows, he needs to start fresh with new friends...

Anonymous said...

"Love & Other Dilemmas" has been playing for 2 weeks but I can't seem to muster up the energy to see it.

Hope to catch up with "Up the Yangtze" which opens on Friday and Wow...our local cinemateque is also running "Canada's Top Ten" and this Friday we're going to see "Days of Darkness" and next week "Young People Fucking" - both of which I'm looking forward to.

Still have to catch up with "La Vie En Rose" but whenever I walk by it at the video store it's out. ARG!

Sound like a great week had and a great week ahead!

Suzie Ridler said...

I wish I could say I had gone to see something...but nope. Now without a car we'll rarely get to see anything. I think it's time to figure out how to rent digital movies through our cable company. Thank goodness the writers strike is over! I'm glad you're seeing so much Shannon and what you're watching sounds so cool.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

King of Kong! Soooo good! I'm glad you liked it Bob, one of my fave's from last year. I actually just got the DVD and am really looking forward to seeing the extras. Go Trains making appearance in film is always good! I've never heard of In Between Days, sounds worth checking out!

I only heard of "Mumblecore" this week, on a podcast...geez, can't remember which one. Sounds wild.

Enjoy your Canada Top Ten's Marina! I didn't get to see Young People Fucking yet, but it's certainly on my list. I caught Days of Darkness at TIFF 07 and it was good but didn't pack the punch that The Barbarian Invasions did, which left me a little underwhelmed.

Suzie, many of what I saw was on TV or from the library, have you had a chance to check out your new one yet? You can also try zip.ca for the mail/rentals. I might hit them up for a bit for get the harder to find films on my 101 films.

Suzie Ridler said...

Now that we are in NS we don't get many movie channels like we used to so we rarely watch them on TV anymore. I have yet to go to the library here (shocking I know but then so has the weather been) but you're right, they might have something for us. We have 2 video stores near us but now without a car I think I will have to look into the convenience of zip.ca. Thanks Shannon, you Movie Moxie!

Bob Turnbull said...

Suzie, I'll recommend zip.ca as well...Great selection and their service has been very consistent.

Shannon, are you seeing any of the Jacques Demy films at Cinematheque?

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Hey Bob, I just found out about the Demy films at Cinematheque, I'm not sure if I'm going to make it to any of them. I did see Lola there a few years ago - it was amazing!

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