Monday, 18 February 2008

Up the Yangtze/ 沿江⽽上

Writer/Dir: Yung Chang - feature film directorial debut
Canada, 2008

Seen: February 11, 2008 at the Cumberland

Reason to see: Canadian

This is an astounding documentary that focuses on the affect of the creation of the Three Gorges Dam megaproject in China. The project to create the dam is so vast, that seeing it is overwhelming and seeing the direct impact on the people is not only tragic but also laced with irony. We all know that the only constant is change, but this kind of change is heartbreaking. Thankfully, the unimposing style of the film guides us gently through the many lives and stories shifting the focus between main story of Cindy Yu Shui and her Family, to the director's own story, to individual moments and even our own experience of the film itself. The pacing is seamless, and the emotional connectivity is very strong though the highs and the lows. Engaging and important, this is a film not to be missed.

The film focuses mainly on the Yu Family, who are still affected by this situation. Support for them can be made here.

Shannon's Overall View:
I loved it
I'd watch it again
I highly recommend it

7 minutes of preshow including 2 commercials and 3 previews: Sex in the City: The Movie, Caramel and City of Men.

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