Saturday, 15 March 2008

3 films on DVD for $1?


I never thought I would see DVD's at the dollar store. Let alone one that sports 3 films. Even if the films are old and the quality is a little.. well, atmospheric. But really, 3 films on 1 dvd for $1? Well, $1.13 with tax but still.

I've been meaning to catch the original Night of the Living Dead, but I did not imagine getting to see it this way. I'll let you know what the experience is like!


RC said...

what a deal!

Andrew james said...

That is a deal! I know for sure that "Night of the Living Dead" is in the public domain, so whoever created the DVD got it for free. I'm sure the Vincent Price one is too.

Surprised that a Nicholson film is though; but to be selling it for a dollar, it HAS to be!

Even still, I can't imagine whoever is putting this out that they're making much money on the deal.

"Night of the Living Dead" is awesome by the way. Watch it soon!


Andrew James said...

Did some research. All three movies are in fact on the Public Domain:

House on Haunted Hill:

The Terror:

Night of the Living Dead:

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Ah ha! They are free domain. Now it all makes sense.

I knew Night of the Living Dead was, which I watched and it was awesome! Loved it. Still have to check out the other two.

Yay for frugal FILM fun!

John A. said...

I just watched House On Haunted Hill last week actually for the first time and I loved it. I've never wanted to check out the remake but the original was a lot of fun.

Marina said...

I have a couple of these two movies for a buck copies around the house and yeah, they're pretty darn fun. Plus, I like the fact I can pay the dollar while avoiding having to download or buffer. I don't have this particular one but I do have one with The Terror and The Little Shop of Horrors. Gotta love it.

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