Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Bank Job

Dir: Roger Donaldson (The World's Fastest Indian, The Recruit, Thirteen Days, Cocktail)
Cast: Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows, James Faulkner, Daniel Mays, Stephen Campbell Moore
UK, 2008

Seen: March 10, 2008 at Scotiabank

Reason to see: Out of the options for this weeks releases, it was the one I was most interested in.

It took me a while to settle into this film, as going into it all I knew was the cast and that it was a heist film. Usually heist films have a lot of glitz and glam (Heat, the Ocean's series or even The Good Thief), but The Bank Job is more of a personal tale and that is its strength. We come to know and care about the heist team as they feel like real people. I knew this was the case when I would think of the characters by their character name and not the name of the actor during the film. Speaking of acting I was impressed with the cast as a whole, especially Saffron Burrows and Daniel Mays as well as many of the supporting cast including Hattie Morahan, Michael Jibson and Georgia Taylor (Toyah from "Coronation Street"). The plot was much more involved than I would have imagined and I'll be the first to admit it will take me a few watches to get it all straight, but I find that par for the course with this kind of film and overall makes it a strong film. It was great to see a smart instead of blow-everything-to-smithereens heist film.

Warnings: Violence, torture

Shannon's Overall View:
I was on the fence about it initially, but now I'd say it is solid entertainment
I'd watch it again
I'd recommend it, especially to intellectual/action oriented film fans

19 minutes of preshow including 15 commercials (!!!!) and 5 previews: Shutter, Never Give In, Smart People, Forbidden Kingdom and The Midnight Meat Train

How can people be late to a film that has 19 minutes of preshow, I mean, really? Also there were some really late arrivals methinks it's likely due to March Break shenanigans.

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RC said...

this looked like a simple enough story...and like you said different than an Oceans's film...and I can appreciate that.

For some reason it reminds me of Rififi when I hear about it. I do enjoy the movie Rififi.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Rififi is a new one to me, although they appear to be remaking in with Al Pacino...

Suzie Ridler said...

I wasn't sure if I'd like it because I'm not super interested in stories about criminals. I don't really like those people. Do you still think I'd like it Shannon?

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I think you likely would Suzie, the heist folks are more everyday people but the world of crime and corruption is a strong setting for some of the film.

I did find the violence very hard to handle, even though overall there wasn't much of it.

Jamie said...

Whoa, 15 commercials? That's a lot.

I think the torture rules this one out for me. Thanks for the heads-up on that.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

To be honest, I really wish the film was torture-free, it would have made it much more enjoyable :(

15 commercials was INSANE. I think that is most I've been subjected too. There was a bunch of repeaters in there with the 10-15 second Milk ones, totally crazy.

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