Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Canadian Film Fest 08 Day 1 - March 25/08

(outside the Varsity* cinema)

Even with the cold and wet March weather upon us, the wait is over! The Canadian Film Fest kicked off Tuesday night with a bang. The five day festival focuses exclusively on Canadian film and that is so exciting to see. This year the festival boasts 14 features and 22 shorts of home grown talent. Bring it on!

(Bern Euler, Founder/Festival Director)

We are welcomed to the festival by Bern Euler, Founder/Festival Director at the busy house at the Varsity* before the screening of the evening. There is a great energy in the room with the contagious buzz that comes hand in hand with opening nights. After the crowd is settled and subdued with by a reminder on why Canadian film is great, we get on to the show!

(Bern Euler, Thomas Michael and Matthiew Klinck)

Hank & Mike
Dir: Matthiew Klinck (Greg & Gentillon)
Writers: Thomas Michael and Paolo Mancini
Cast: Thomas Michael, Paolo Mancini, Joe Mantegna, Chris Klein, Tony Nappo

Impressions: A tale of two Easter Bunnies against all odds. Follow the bunnies Hank and Mike as they smoke, drink, binge eat ice cream and spend a surprizing amount of time accidentally or on purpose, in the presence of unclothed women. It ain't your regular Easter tale, that’s for sure. This comedy is a creative exploration on bunnies versus the world, and if you like crass humour paired with fun with foul language this film is for you. The two leads Thomas Michael (Hank) and Paolo Mancini (Mike) play very well off each other as long time friends. The performance by Chris Klein (Rollerball) as the evil corporate dude is as dark and twisted as they come. Add to that the hilarious deadpan nature of Easter Bunnies out and about functioning in the everyday world and you’ve got fascinating film experience.

Highlights from the Q&A with Thomas Michael (writer/actor/producer) and Matthiew Klinck (director):
The characters were initially created through sketch comedy.
The costumes and appearances went though many permutations before the one you see in the film.
Both of the leads had 4 bunny outfits, all other bunnies had 1.
A use for Chunky Soup that you don't really want to know.

The Q&A closed on "It's different, not necessarily for everyone but we hope you liked it." Judging from the reaction of the house, they did.

More Hank & Mike: website, trailer, IMDb page


The Canadian Film Fest runs from March 25-29/08 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

*Please note the majority of the screenings are at the Carlton. Check the film schedule for more info.


Jamie said...

Sounds like a great night. How many people get to say they had 4 bunny suits?

I totally love the poster for the festival. "North of the expected" LOVE IT! Looks like the festival is off to a kicking start.

Anonymous said...

Indeed a great start and I agree with Jamie...great poster!

Suzie Ridler said...

The bunny movie wouldn't be my cup of tea but I know a lot of people who would get a kick out of it. At first I thought, it must be animated, but to know that guys got dressed up at bunnies is enough to make me curious and potentially watch it. Awesome photos and coverage Shannon!

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