Friday, 28 March 2008

Canadian Film Fest 08 Day 3 - March 27/08


I'm starting to feel like I live at #9, which sounds straight out of Coronation Street but alas the location is the Carlton. How I've managed to resist popcorn for all three days is a feat that surprizes me. But, when it comes down to it, it isn't about the location nor the food but it's about the films. So here they are, shorts and features alike.

(Jill Carter, Karen Cliche from Moment)

Dir: Jill Carter
Cast: Karen Cliche, Jefferson Brown, Jason Gautreau

Impressions: This is a gorgeous and touching short film reflecting on the power of a moment. How much a glance or a smile can affect us. An outstanding achievement.

For more on Moment check out their website

Production Office
Writers/Dir: Deborah Marks & Steve Solomos
Cast: Shauna MacDonald, Brandon McGibbon, Tim Rozon, Maury Chaykin

Impressions: This film played to a filled to the brim and excited audience whom appeared to relate very well to the subject matter: the inner workings of a production office for a film. Although there was no smooth sailing for this office there was a lot of entertainment value from far fetched stories to razzing people out to the ultimate creative problem solving. The colourful use of language had me dumbfounded at more than one occasion. I think we may just have found the new sailors in town!

(crew & cast members of Production Office)

Desmond Coy
Dir: James Wilkes
Cast: Kerr Hewitt, Justin Kim, Laura Burns

Impressions: An interesting idea is here and it is well executed but I have to admit I had to look away during the violent moments, of which their were quite a few in this short film.

For more on Desmond Coy check out the trailer (includes disturbing images)

Dir: KC Bascombe
Cast: Christian Kane, Rachel Miner, Polly Shannon, Beth Grant

Impressions: This film includes almost as many genres as Big Trouble in Little China. It has elements of westerns, crime, romance, revenge, thriller and horror. A criminal couple with varying levels of remorse encounters various obstacles while on the road. Although the violence level hits high for some tolerance levels, this films is worth checking out. It is beautifully shot and includes excellent performances by the two leads Christian Kane (Lindsey from "Angel") and Rachel Miner. It is an outstanding production, and one of the best of the festival. I'm sure it will keep me thinking for a long time.

For more on Hide check out their website

Dir: Michelle Nolden
Cast: Jack Knight, Allegra Fulton

Impressions: It is astonishing the range of emotions captured in this strong short film as it allows us to partake in the moments of a brief encounter between two people.

Places Everyone
Dir: Marc Thomas-Dupuis
Cast: Elias Varoutsos, Raphael Roussel

Impressions: The wild thing about Places Everyone was the language. I think it's fair to say there are two protagonists who are friends and one of them speaks almost exclusively French while the other speaks English. Totally wild. The themes of the film revolve around ideas what to do next, which is always a good question. Where will you go next?

For more on Places Everyone check out their website

There are still two days of the festival left some check it out and be part of the crowd!


The Canadian Film Fest runs from March 25-29/08 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Sacred Suzie said...

I love the sound of Moment but their trailer, unlike most trailers, didn't really tell me anything. I suppose because it's a short that it they gave away content, it would tell the entire story. I am so intrigued though!

Thank you for the warning about violence in the trailer, I appreciate that.

OMG, that's Lindsey! I knew I recognized the guy but come on!

Marina said...

Yeah, "Moment" looks gorgeous. I particularly love this shot. Really beautiful.

AND OMG. "Hide" looks AWESOME!!!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

"Moment" is so beautiful, I'm glad the site & pics resonated with others.

Marina, you would *love* "Hide". To be honest, the film has been on my mind all day. Always a good sign.

Karen S said...

I was at the Hide screening. I really enjoyed the film it looked fantastic!!! the only negative thing I would say is it was like California or NBK.The ending was lame as well.

The short film that played with it Desmond Coy is not for everybody. Brilliantly executed for a short film, it is funny, great acting, neat little twist but I personally found it almost to violent. I could barely watch some stuff

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