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Canadian Film Fest 08 Day 5 - March 29/08


Day 5 of the Canadian Film Fest brings the festival to a close. So many films over the four days: 14 features and 21 shorts. I was thrilled to be able to check out most of them!

(Tiffany Burns director of Mr. Big, Dr. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter)

Mr. Big
Writer/Directer/Producer: Tiffany Burns

A very intense documentary that centres on the Mr. Big sting strategy of the RCMP. The technique is considered entrapment in the US and the UK, but the documentary demonstrates numerous cases of it here in Canada. This is a film that needs to be seen by all Canadians.

Warnings: Crime scene pictures are shown, sometimes extensively of a family that was murdered. I had to look away from the screen during those parts.

For more on Mr. Big check out their website (includes disturbing images)


Shorts, Shorts and more Shorts! The afternoon had two back to back shorts screenings, here are the highlights.

Communication Breakdown
Writer/Dir: Stefano Colacitti
Cast: Aurora Brown, Stephen Lobo
16 minutes

An innovating story about dating in out current techno-world. This short film was fascinating, with solid acting and hilarious to boot. It captured the attention of the audience quickly & easily. Also has a fantastic poster (see above).

Darkness Calls in Gitxsan
Dir: Anthony Wong
Cast: Jay Turley, Shawn Woods, Dan Wilson, Robert Milson
19 minutes, animated

In true storytelling style, this film brings inspiration and hope to those whom do not fit the mould.

For more on Darkness Calls in Gitxsan check out the website

Everything is Connected
Writer/Dir: Jonathan Sobol
Cast: Kevin Jubinville, Dylan Everett
12 minutes

Delightful and touching, this short is shows a unique family bonding.

Writer/Director/Producer: Mike Weiss
6 minutes, animated

The power of cheese. This wild short has to be seen to be believed.

For more on Inheritance check out their website or watch the film here

The Strap

Dir: Jason Gileno
Cast: Kyle Harrington, Robert Skeates
5 minutes

Short and shockingly sweet, this film plays with fear, punishment and the power of strong will.

Writer/Director/Producer: Alain Delannoy
12 minutes, animated

Fascinating animated short that mixes various styles that gives it a unique home spun flavour with a sophisticated story. Ingenious.

What You're Ready For
Dir: Corey Lee
Cast: Michael Riley, Stephen Park

Wry, familiar and cunning this short shows the power of self-help, literally.

For more on What You're Ready For check out their website

Portage / Crooked Lake
Writers/Dirs: Mathew Miller, Sascha Drews, Ezra Krybus
Cast: Stephannie Richardson, Candice Mausner, Alysha Aubin, Morgan McCunn, Guy Yarkoni

This screening brought the festival to a bit of an anticlimactic close. I chose it over the festival closing film (the two time slots conflicted) and I guess most folk went to that instead as it was a pretty quiet screening. The trailer shows it to be a thriller, which I think is a misrepresentation as it's really a drama and personal story. The subject matter was rather disturbing and for it to be billed as a 'sensual' tale I would say felt rather inappropriate as the actors appear so young.

For more on Portage / Crooked Lake check out their website

The Canadian Film Fest ran from March 25-29/08 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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