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Inside Out 08 Day 3 - Saturday May 17/08


Day 3 of Inside Out was a full day of screenings! It was nice that the overcast weather was overrated and the sun came out to play for most of the day. Here is the run down on the films.

The Folding Role / O Papel das Dobras
Dir: Bruno Jorge
Brazil, 19 minutes

A window into a passive yet turbulent relationship, and the high costs it comes with.

Before I Forget / Avant que j'oublie
Writer/Director: Jacques Nolot
Cast: Jacques Nolot, Marc Rioufol, Lyes Rabia, Albert Mainella
France, 108 minutes

This film follows the cyclic nature of young gigolo's and their older keepers. What becomes of the young men as they age and the lifestyle changes from being paid to paying others? How do they live and whom do they turn to in their need, who are their true friends? This film shows this world brought to life with a sense of adoration mixed with harsh reality.

This Kiss
Writer/Director: Kylie Eddy
Cast: Tamsin Gatewood, Melanie Lockman
Australia, 70 minutes

An earnest look at combining self discovery with nostalgia between two separated friends on the night of their 10 year high school reunion.

Jason St-Laurent Inside Out Director of Programming (left), Juan Flahn Director of Boystown (right)

Boystown / Chuecatown
Director: Juan Flahn
Cast: Pepón Nieto, Carlos Fuentes, Pablo Puyol, Concha Velasco, Rosa Maria Sardà, Eduard Soto, Mariola Fuentes
Spain, 100 minutes

A brilliant dark comedy involving the no holds barred vision of one real estate agent to renovate Chueca to the perfect gay neighbourhood, and the myriad of unlikely events that follow. The sold out screening had the audience in stitches throughout. Wonderful performances by a highly talented cast from quick witted banter to playful romps. In between the giggles there is a also a strong sense of family and community. A deliciously delightful film.

The director was present to introduce the film, and received a warm welcome from the audience. He stated that he hoped people would enjoy the film, and oh boy they sure did.

Film website (autoplays trailer)

Scott Ferguson Inside Out Executive Director, J.D. Stewart Director of the one about icarus

the one about icarus
Dir: J.D. Stewart
Canada, 6 minutes

This beautiful experimental 16mm film has a lovely hypnotic quality to it that feels like visual poetry. A unique pacing and captivating shots bring to life a classic story with a fresh approach.

Scott Ferguson Inside Out Executive Director, Tom Gustafson Director of Were the World Mine

Were the World Mine
Director: Tom Gustafson
Cast: Tanner Cohen, Zelda Williams, Ricky Goldman, Wendy Robie, Nathaniel David Becker, Jill Larson, Christian Stolte
USA, 91 minutes

Were the World Mine is truly a gem of a film. A coming of age/musical/comedy with elements of magical realism and a meta-A Midsummer Night's Dream theme. Sound like too much? Never! I would have to say it was the perfect combination of truth and dream. What if your classmates, instead of playing dodgeball, danced and sang to your tune? Or, instead of being the odd one out, you were looked on with admiration from your peers? A satisfying film from beginning to end that charmed the audience through and through.

Highlights from the Q&A with the director, Tom Gustafson:

-The inspiration for the film came from a combination of his highly successful short film Fairies and William Shakespheare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream".
-All the actors sang their own parts in the film, the soundtrack will be available. Keep an eye on the films website for details and you can listen to some of the songs on their MySpace page.
-Were the World Mine is going to show at festivals in the US as well as Vancouver in 2008, and they are really looking to get youth involved to see the film
-Upcoming: Mariachi Gringo is his next project

He also told a beautiful story about the creation of the film and how at some point you have to stop waiting for the perfect timing and just decide that you are going to do it. After that point, by the time it took them to get to the shooting location all of the chips fell into place and they were able to make the film. Not only is the film itself uplifting, but the story behind it is as well!

The packed house for Boystown

The Inside Out Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival 2008 runs from May 15-25, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Suzie Ridler said...

I love the sound of the one about icarus! Sounds so lovely.

I agree, no such things as too much magical realism. Were The World Mine sounds so charming and interesting!

I love the stories behind the stories too Shannon, thanks for letting us know about them. :)

Jamie said...

What an amazing range of content. And I love coming here and being able to get a taste of the Q&As!

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