Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Inside Out 08 - Wrap Up


Inside Out 08 was quite the adventure. Films ranged from touching to enlightening to beautiful and beyond. It was great to see films from all corners of the world, a solid number of Q&As and a fantastic selection of shorts. Truly a festival not to miss!

Favourite Feature: Drifting Flowers / Piao Lang Qing Chung

Favourite Documentary: Impossible to single one out, all the docs I saw were fantastic: On the Downlow, Patti Smith: Gift of Life, Derek and She's a Boy I Knew.

Favourite Program: Hogtown Homos from Day 7

Favourite Short: I've Never Had Sex

Artistic works of wonder: Sleep Lines and Compost Mon Amour

Best Day: Day 9 - Derek and Razzle Dazzle: A Journey into Dance

Most Inspiring: She Was a Boy I Knew

Most Haunting: Gone

Wish I hadn't missed: The Q&A for the Queer Youth Digital Video Project on Day 10. I didn't anticipate the preshow to go on for over an hour and I had to run after the last short was shown.

Fullest Screenings: Boystown/Chuecatown, Were the World Mine and Newcastle.

Most Enthusiastic Crowd: Boystown/Chuecatown and Were the World Mine

Festival First: Being the only woman in the audience!

Best Line:
"Why did you break up with her?"
"Because I realized, she didn't have a dick"

Refreshing: I actually really enjoyed all three of the previews/trailers for and about the festival shown before the films.

Wasn't expecting:
Tiered line-ups. As they said in the previews, membership has its benefits. Depending on your level of membership you can get to be in one of the first two sets of line ups, or or bypass the line altogether. Some membership levels also have reserved seating.

Also wasn't expecting the live performance by Laura Landauer before the Gala presentation of Newcastle. That was awesome!


The Inside Out Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival 2008 runs from May 15-25, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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