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Worldwide Short Film Festival 2008 Day 4 - Friday June 13/08


Friday was all about the food! Program for the day was Official Selection 12: Watch What You Eat. With this great program it was easy to get your fill of film, and we sure did! I attended with screening with my sister Jamie who is always a lovely film going companion. Many of the giggles throughout the program were us, especially during Le Grand Content and No Coke.

Le Grand Content
Dir: Clemens Kogler and Karoline Szmit
4 minutes, Austria

Fantastic short film that combines random ideas through pie charts, graphs and patterns. A quirky and funny delight.

The Frozen City
Dir: Alex Perez
21 minutes, USA

The thought of enjoying a Slurpee in the winter may sound odd, but it isn't in Winnipeg - The Slurpee capital of the world! I had moments during the film wondering if they were pulling my leg on this one, but it's a fact. Through the documentary we hear stories from many Slurpee connousiours and the lengths they will go to enjoy this tasty beverage.

Key Lime Pie
Dir: Trevor Jimenez
4 minutes, Canada

I had seen Key Lime Pie during Toronto After Dark Film Festival 07 (see my thoughts here), and it was wild to see it in a different setting. It is an impressive animated short film.

Dir: Astrid Rieger
7 minutes, Germany

This wild short was one of my favourites of the program. It starts off feeling off kilter, but once you just accept what you are seeing for what it is it becomes one wild ride. Creative and instinctual, it gives way to abandoning manners and just going for what you want.

Festival programmer Angie Driscoll with Two Words director Chris Ross and cinematographer Ben Lichty

Two Words
Dir: Chris Ross
9 minutes, Canada

Two sisters struggle communicating with each other in this tale that pushes perceptions and judgements in a dark comedic way.

Director Chris Ross and Cinematographer Ben Lichty were in attendance for a Q&A and when asked about casting and the script, the film was written specifically for two women, whom are non-actors. In terms of the idea, Chris Ross mentioned that she likes stories from a limited perspective. Trivia: over 400 radishes were used during the filming!

Festival programmer Angie Driscoll, Nancy Jean Tucker director of Kentucky Kingdom

Kentucky Kingdom
Dir: Nancy Jean Tucker
6 minutes, USA

This animated and experimental short shows a series images and stories that provide just enough information for you to add in your own thoughts and ideas to complete the picture.

Director Nancy Jean Tucker was in attendance for a Q&A and shared that the narrative is loose so you can have multiple theories on it and the viewer can project onto it. Regarding themes, she wanted to convey a sense of loss and environmentalism. The soft style of the film was intentional, and both rotoscoping and the use of Flash were part of the process.

No Coke
Dir: Jørn Utkilen
7 minutes, UK

Brilliant short film 'based on true events' about a pop machine and persistence. Hilarious in every way.

The Worldwide Short Film Festival runs from June 10-15/08 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Jamie said...

LOL, just reading the words "no Coke" brought me back to the film. I really enjoyed attending these shorts - what a range!

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