Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Worldwide Short Film Festival 2008 - Awards


Picking the 17 films for awards out of 268 short films is no small feat. The audience did their part after each screening, getting to choose 2 films per program for the Audience Award. The ballots have been casted and counted, here are the 2008 Award Winners for the Worldwide Short Film Festival. Congratulations to all the award winners and honourable mentions!

Audience Award
Winner: Out of Spjald / VÆk Fra Spjald - Thomas Glud, Lars Wass

Best Animated Short
Winner: Jay White for Boar Attack
Honourable Mention: Rune Christensen for Down the Road

Best Canadian Short Film
Winner: Sarah Galea-Davis for Can You Say Bye-Bye (see Day 5)

Best Cinematography in a Canadian Short
Winner: Brendan Steacy for The Answer Key
Honourable Mention: Geneviève Perron for L'Astronaute (see Day 3)

Best Comedy
Winner: Rob Meyer for Aquarium
Honourable Mention: Dmitry Povolotsky for Pal/Secam

Best Documentary
Winner: Bartosz Blaschke for Zietek

Best Emerging Canadian Filmmaker
Audrey Cummings for Burgeon and Fade

Best Experimental Short
Winner: François Bégin and Miryam Bouchard for Roastbeef
Honourable Mention: Jean-Gabriel Periot for Under Twilight

Best Live-Action Short
Winner: Oliver Pont for Manon on the Asphalt / Manon sur le bitume
Honourable Mention: Asaf Korman for Death of Shula

Best Performance in a Live-Action Short
Winner: Yosef Corman-Korman in Death of Shula
Honourable Mention: Kim Kold in Dennis (See Day 3)
Honourable Mention: Chloe Jager Berger in Tomboy

Screenplay Giveaway Prize
Winner: Kris Elgstrand for Big Head

The Worldwide Short Film Festival ran from June 10-15/08 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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