Monday, 7 July 2008

TIFF 08 Packages on sale with VISA

It's is now less than 2 months until TIFF 08 time and packages are on sale now to VISA cardholders, and will go on sale through cash and debit next Monday July 14, 2008. Less that 6 hours after the tickets went on sale today at 10am the new Daytime Lite as well as both the 6pm and 9pm Visa Screening Room Package at the Elgin are already sold out! Talk about a quick sell!

I wrote about some of the different passes last week, you can also click through to see the different types on the TIFF site: Regular Packages, Specialty Packages and Premium Packages.

Check here for full box office details on how, when and where you can purchase tickets.


Ryan McNeil said...

So, did you order your passes yet? I put my order in last night...20 films on tap for me!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I've applied for media accreditation this year, so I'm hoping to go that route this year.

I have picked up a 10 pack to go to screenings with friends and family.

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