Sunday, 24 August 2008

My Week in Film

I know it's been a busy week when I've only seen two new films. I don't have pictures to share and I haven't seen any new trailers! What's been occupying all my time? Well, it's been two-fold TIFF-ness. On Tuesday August 19th the complete list of films for the Toronto International Film Festival was released, so I've been checking out lists and making my own. But, I've also took the week to try to take a breather from TIFF knowing that as of Tuesday this week when the schedule is announced it will be full-on TIFF madness until the festival is over. So, I watched some Olympics, re-watched Finishing the Game numerous times and even got some sleep. But, I did see two films, and I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

Akiko: Portrait of a Dancer / Akiko - Aru Dansa No Shozo, seen at the lovely Cinematheque Ontario as a part of their Japanese Classics series this summer. I didn't know anything about Akiko Kaneda going into this film but was taken by the picture listed in the program. In general, I'll always see a dance film no matter what the context. My sister Jamie enjoys dance films as well so we went together to see the film. I did enjoy the film, which had some very intense dance sequences and a fantastic photo shoot for a performance. There was also a bittersweet thread of the story about when a profession, especially as an artist, your life can be taken over by your art. At least, that is what I believe they were trying to say. Unfortunately not all of the film was subtitled, in particular the studio sequences went on for long periods of time with no translation. As someone who has spend time in the world of dance many years ago, I got a sense of what is happening but it would have been sweeter to know for sure.

I don't think we can get a film more far away in likeness to Akiko than the next film I saw. After a long two days of errands, shopping and a fantastic day at the CNE (particularly the cat show - tons of Rex's this year and some beautiful Burmese cats) I really was looking for a no-thinking-required film to zone out to. Boy, did I find it with Snakes on a Plane. Is it supposed to be a comedy? Cuz if it was, it was a great success, I laughed so many times. The concept is ridiculous, the acting intentionally goofy and some of the 'effects' had me on the floor. But, I was completely entertained for the duration of the film and it was exactly what I needed at the time.

What did you see this week?

Ok, I can't not have pictures on this post, so I'll share with you some of the cat pictures. Are they cutie pies?


This is how I felt when I got home after the cat show, time to relax!


Isn't this Burmese cat a beauty?


I was totally in love with this Oriental cat with snow-leopard like colouring. He sure was a talker though!


Jamie said...

We shared lots of treats this week.

I enjoyed Akiko. It really was a portrait - sharing the intensity, vision and oddities of this dancer. I agree that it would have really helped to have everything subtitled. I felt that we missed out on some of the nuances of the moment and of relationships.

I'm so glad you shared the cat pictures. Look at that Persian licking her lips! They're all beauties.

Suzie Ridler said...

That must have been a busy week and yes, Snakes on a Plane is a total comedy. We saw it in the theatre and the crowed ROARED with laughte, I had my eyes closed a lot and it was totally crazy but so much fun.

Those cats are fantastic!

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