Monday, 11 August 2008

Poll Results: Are You Attending TIFF This Year?

57% - Yes, it's a yearly ritual
14% - No
14% - What's TIFF?
7% - Yes, it's my first time
7% - No, I wish I was

In other words, 65% are going to TIFF, 35% are not and of them 21% don't know what TIFF is. For that 21% TIFF is the Toronto International Film Festival, a festival that is held in early September for 10 days in Toronto and bring hundreds of films from every corner of the world to the spotlight. From mainstream films to ones in dialects that one a few hundred people know in the world, TIFF has an overwhelming selection to choose from. It also has lots of glitz & glam with red carpet premieres and stars galore, although personally I'm often at 9am screenings with a tea catching up Midnight Madness, foreign and Canadian films.

For those of you that are going to and writing about TIFF this year, leave a comment and I'll add you to my special TIFF'08 sidebar!

The Toronto International Film Festival 2008 runs from September 4-13/08 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Anonymous said...

Hey, i'll be attending TIFF for this first time this year. Incredibly excited, have been following your site for updates every wednesday.

Thanks for the info!!



First six days of the fest - about 20 films - read you all the time.

Looking forward to hearing about your selections.

Grumpy Old Film Dork.

Paul said...

I'll be attending and commenting on it at my blog at as I do every year, but I'll also be posting to twitter via text message (as I can't justify getting an iPhone just yet ;) )

Suzie Ridler said...

Haven't been online recently so I couldn't vote but as you know I won't be going, LOL. Kind of hard to do where I am. I can't wait to hear all about it though!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Matt, I hope you have a great time at TIFF this year. I hope it's not too overwhelming!

Grumpy & Paul - links have been updated! Can't wait to hear how your TIFF experiences are!

I am looking to see around 40 films over the 10 days. Currently tiering the released titles by how much I want to see them.

Hey Suzie! I read somewhere that there is an Atlantic film fest in the near future - I wonder if it would be close to you! They will have some TIFF titles!


Thanks for the link update.

The Atlantic Fest will be pretty much a "best-of-TIFF" kind of event (much like Le Festival Nouveau Cinema in Montreal in October)...the more info on TIFF, the more info for the film festival gravy train that makes it's way round the country till the end of the year (Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, etc.) - you keep folks informed by the fact that you keep posting stuff as it comes up - TIFF and beyond - so keep up the great work.

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