Monday, 25 August 2008

Poll Results: Your fave Action/Adventure this summer was:

Your fave Action/Adventure this summer was:

54% - The Dark Knight
12% - Hancock
8% - Iron Man
4% - Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Hellboy 2, Indiana Jones 4, Wanted as well as "Didn't see any" and "Summer ain't over yet"!
0% - No votes for The Hulk, The Mummy 3, Speed Racer, Wall-E or "Didn't like any".

I'm not really surprized that The Dark Knight reigns supreme this year for summer fare, in fact I wondered if it would sweep at 100%. I'm happy to hear that there was some love for Hancock, it was one that I really enjoyed.

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Fletch said...

Hard to pin down what makes it "most likely" for me to see, but I voted for director.

I will not miss flicks from my favorite directors, while I miss films from actors I love all the time...

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