Monday, 1 September 2008

Poll Results: All hail the director!

The results are in for the I'm most likely to see a film based on... poll. The Director rings in with the most votes and 39%. Going with the director is a great place to start with film selection. The next likely way to sway us to a film is story coming in second with 25%. Genre, cast, scores, hype, recommendation and writer selections only got a few votes each and no one says they would most likely see a movie based on a review, the poster or a trailer.

Thanks for voting!

39% - The Director
25% - Story
7% - Genre
7% - The Cast
7% - Tomatometer/Metacritic Score
7% - General Hype
3% - Personal Recommendation
3% - The Writer
0% - Trailer
0% - Poster
0% - A Review

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