Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Selection from Kisses Q&A with director Lance Daly

The following video clip is from the morning screening of Kisses on Tuesday September 9, 2008 at the Toronto International Film Festival. Watch as listen as Kisses director Lance Daly describes why he wanted to tell this story:

See here for my review of Kisses.

The Toronto International Film Festival 2008 ran from September 4-13/08 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Anonymous said...

cool piece - this looks like a really interesting film - read an interview here that people may be interested in...

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this yet but I just read the script for the Irish Zebbies award voting. It was rivetting. I couldn't stop reading. It's about difficult subjects but there is a sense of the transcendence of human friendship.

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