Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Bloor has some rockin' upcoming films!


In the past little while I've been spending a heck of a lot of time at the Bloor. It started with Thing-Fest 2008 (pics & vids will be posted soon!) then daily trips to the theatre throughout the Toronto After Dark Film festival for over a week. Come to think of it, the day after the festival closed I just about got off at Bathurst Station out of habit.

And you may do the same soon with their rockin line up over the next little while:

Army of Darkness
Tuesday October 28/08 at 9:30PM
Friday October 31/08 at 7:00PM
Facebook Page

Bubba Ho-Tep
Thursday October 30/08 at 7:00PM
Mr. Vampire III
Thursday October 30/08 at 9:05PM
Bubba Ho-Tep and Mr. Vampire III Facebook page

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Friday October 31/08 at 9:00PM
Friday October 31/08 at 11:30PM

The Toronto 48 Hour Film Project
See screening of films created in a mere 48 hours!
Sunday November 2/08 at 4:00PM
The Toronto 48 Hour Film Project Website, Facebook group

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Yes, folks it's official. Repo! The Genetic Opera will be at The Bloor starting Friday November 21, 2008 and it will be running for 1 week.
Director Darren Lynn Bousman will be in attendance at the Friday November 21, 2008 screening.
See the Facebook group here

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