Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Good Morning All!

Although it's the first day of the 'regular' week with Thanksgiving behind us and numerous types of turkey and trimming leftovers to deal with (happily, I might add) it's Tuesday which means new DVDs are out and box office numbers are in!

I still get surprized how quickly films go from theatrical to DVD, but we all win when there are great film choices like the recent Canadian releases like Up the Yangtze, Young People Fucking and Fugitive Pieces.

Links for the films on Amazon.ca:
Fugitive Pieces
Up the Yangtze
Young People Fucking

Canadian weekend box office has that the most of us when we went to the movies choose the new Ridley Scott film Body of Lies. Eagle Eye and Quarantine come in at second and third place respectively. Blindness, the only Canadian film (co-pro) in the top 20 drops from 9th to 14th place. As for North America as a whole, Beverly Hills Chihuahua reigns supreme for the second week running in the number 1 spot..

I've found a trailer for Mirageman on Vimeo and it is awesome quality. Mirageman is a Chilean martial arts film that will be playing at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival on Saturday October 18/08 at 6:15pm. The Vimeo version of the trailer is much clearer than the Youtube version, however only the Youtube one has English subtitles so you might watch to watch that one first. The film looks fantastic, it's worth watching the trailer multiple times. I can't wait to see this film, just a few days to go!

Speaking of Vimeo, I'm considering trying it out for Vlogging. If you used it I'd love to hear comments on it, if it's easy to use, upload time, embedding and if there is the community spirit that they talk about in the promos. The quality of the vids is definitely very nice.

All Canadians, remember it's election day so get out there and vote!

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