Monday, 13 October 2008

Poll Results: What October Release Do You Want to See the Most?

The results are in for What October Release Do You Want to See the Most! I'm thrilled to see that two of the top contenders are Canadian (Blindness and Passchendaele). With some many options it does skew the data a little bit but it's exciting to see it crosses most genres and says we have eclectic tastes!

Out of the films that received votes I'm interested in seeing all but Saw V - I saw the first one and that was enough for me, I prefer thrillers or supernatural horror to the gory stuff. Which brings us to this weeks Poll: What type of horror movie do you like the most?

18% - Three Way Tie: Blindness, Passchendaele and W.
9% - Five Way Tie: City of Ember, High School Musical 3, Max Payne, Religulous and Saw V
0% - Changeling, Quarantine and None of the Above

Thanks for voting!

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