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Film Q and A / Intro / Announcement Videos

Vids are alphabetical by film or event. Enjoy!

Ache, The introduction by director Keith Lock
Air Doll / Kûki ningyô Introduction and Q&A with Hirokazu Kore-reda and Jô Odagiri
Animated Heavy Metal Parking Lot, The introduction by director Leslie Supnet
Applause Introduction and Q&A with Martin Zandvliet and Paprika Steen
Audition Q&A with director director Nelofer Pazira

Bad Roomate introduction with director James Gangl
barons, Les / The Barons Q&A with Actor Nader Boussandel
Beautiful Kate Introduction and Q&A with Rachel Ward, Maeve Dermody, Sophie Lowe & Bryan Brown
Best Worst Movie Q&A with director Michael Paul Stevenson, actor, dentist and documentary subject George Hardy and Troll 2 cinematographer Katie Graham
Big Head with Dylan Akio Smith
Black Intro and Q&A with director Pierre Laffargue & producer Lauranne Bourrachat
Black Dynamite intro and Q&A with director Scott Sanders
Blackheads introduction with director Chris Nash
Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly introduction by Raymond Phathanavirangoon
Brain Dead Introduction and Q&A with director Kevin Tenney
Breathless introduction and Q&A with director Yang Ik-June

The Children introduction by Adam Lopez
Chocolate Intro and Q&A with director Prachya Pinkaew
Chosun Forever Q&A with director Joo Hyun Kwon

Daddy Tran: My Life in 3-D Q&A
Dance Macabre introduction by Todd Brown
Daybreakers introduction and Q&A with Michael & Peter Spierig, Willem Dafoe & Sam Neill
Deadspeil with director Jay Malloy and producer Pat Corcoran
Deadwalkers introduction with director Spencer Estabrooks
Defendor Introduction and Q&A with Peter Stebbings
Detroit Metal City Intro and Q&A with director Toshio Lee
The Disappearance of Alice Creed Introduction and Q&A with director J Blakeson
La Donation Introduction and Q&A with Bernard Émond and Élise Guilbault
Donkey Punch Q&A with Director Olly Blackburn
The Drummer Intro and Q&A with director Kenneth Bi

Eden Log Introduction with director Franck Vestiel
Every Day is a Holiday Introduction and Q&A with Dima El-Horr, Hiam Abbass and Theirry Lenouvel

Fallow introduction with directors Colin Landry, Dave Alexander and producer Brenton Bentz
The Forbidden Door introduction by Todd Brown
From Burger It Came Q&A with director Dominic Bisignano
Fruit Fly introduction and Q&A with director H.P. Mendoza
Full Boat Program Q&A at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2008

Git Gob introduction with director Philip Eddolls
Grace Intro and Q&A with writer/director Paul Solet

Heroes of the East Q&A with actor Gordon Liu
Home Movie Q&A with producer Andrew van den Houten

I Sell the Dead Q&A with director Glenn McQuaid, producer Peter Phok and actors Larry Fressenden & Angus Scrimm

Kisses Q&A with director Lance Daly

Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to the Laser Cove Introduction with director Steven Kostanski
Last Ride Introduction and Q&A with Glendyn Ivin
Legend of the Seven Bloody Torturers introduction with director Connall Pendergast
Léger Problème Introduction with Hélène Florent
Long Story Short Q&A with director Christine Choy and writer Jody Long
The Loved Ones Introduction and Q&A with Sean Byrne

Machine with Wishbone Q&A with director Randall Okita
Mao's Last Dancer Introduction and Q&A with Jan Sardi
Martyrs Intro and Q&A with director Pascal Laugier
Mirageman Introduction by Todd Brown

Nymph Introduction and Q&A with director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang

Ong Bak 2: The Beginning Introduction and Midnight Madness Closing Night with Colin Geddes
The Others Q&A with director Aram Siu Wai Collier
Overheard audio introduction with director Felix Chong

Phantom Pain Introduction and Q&A with director Matthais Emcke
Pontypool Q&A with director Bruce McDonald

Raging Asian Women Taiko Drummers Performance on Opening Night of the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2008
The Real Shaolin Intro and Q&A with director Alexander Sebastien Lee and cast member Orion
Repo! The Genetic Opera Introduction and Q&A with writer/actor Terrance Zdunich and choreographer Tre Armstrong
The Revenant intro and Q&A with director Kerry Prior
The Road introduction with Kodi Smit-McPhee and Viggo Mortensen
Rock, Paper, Scissors throw down! with Tim Doiron & April Mullen
Rough Cut introduction by Todd Brown

Santa Mesa Q&A with director Ron Morales
Sauna Q&A with director Antti-Jussi Annila
She, A Chinese Q&A with Guo Xialo
La Soga Introduction and Q&A with Josh Crook, Manny Perez, Denise Quiñones & Juan Fernande
Solomon Kane Introduction and Q&A with Michael J. Bassett and James Purefoy
Someone's Knocking at the Door intro and Q&A with actor and co-producer Noah Segan
South of Heaven Q&A with director J.L. Vara
Strigoi intro and Q&A with director Faye Jackson and producer Rey Muraru
Still Walking Introductionwith director Hirokazu Kore-eda
George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead introduction by Colin Geddes
Symbol Introduction by Colin Geddes

Tiger Spirit Q&A with director Min Sook Lee
Tokyo Gore Police Introduction by Todd Brown
Tokyo Sonata Introduction and Q&A with director Kiyoshi Kurasawa
Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2008 Preview
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2008 Closing Night Awards Ceremonies
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2009 Closing Night Awards Ceremony
Toronto Stories Intro and Q&A with directors Sook-Yin Lee, David Weaver and Aaron Woodley
Trailer Park of Terror Introduction with director Steven Goldman
Trick 'r Treat Intro and Q&A with writer/director Micheal Dougherty
Twelve Q&A with director Lester Alfonso

Unlocked introduction with with director Mio Adilman and actor Bobby Del Rio

Valhalla Rising introduction and Q&A with Nicolas Winding Refn and Mads Mikkelsen
Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl introduction by Todd Brown

The Waiting City Q&A with Claire McCarthy, Denson Baker and Jamie Hilton
West 32nd Q&A with director Michael Kang
White Boy From the East introduction, special message from director Istvan Kantor
White Night Wedding Q&A with director Baltasar Kormákur
Who is KK Downey? Q&A with director/writer/actor Pat Kiely and producer/writer/actor Matt Silver
The Wild Hunt Introduction and Q&A with Alexandre Franchi, Mark A. Krupa, Kyle Gatehouse and Ricky Mabe
Winds of September Introduction and Q&A with director Tom Shu-Yu Lin

Yang Yang audio introduction from director Cheng Yu-chieh
Year of the Carnivore Introduction and Q&A with Sook-Yin Lee, cast & crew

Zombie Girl Q&A with directors Justin Johnson, Aaron Marshal and Erik Mauck
Zombie Walk 2009 announcements

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