Tuesday, 4 November 2008

DIY Entertainment Club - tail end of October


Wow, my last entry for this was back in July which makes it not feel very monthly. I guess at the time I wasn't ready to admit I bought the entire X-Files series, which was more than one month budget for they DIY, although I got it for a lot less than they are selling it for now!

No books or CDs this month so yet again I'm straying from the original plan, but that is ok because I do love film so much that I can't help myself sometimes! This month was mostly about getting some great deals and filling some gaps in the library.

Terminator - DVD
This was a library builder, I have many fond memories of this film. Now that I think about that, it's pretty odd considering it's rather violent and I was in either 9 or 10 when I used to watch it. My friends and I would watch it repeatedly on the eventually fuzzy VHS tape to see who was the toughest and able to watch each and every gory moment.
(amazon.ca link)

The Last Winter - DVD
As I mentioned yesterday I watched this one Halloween and was unfortunately disappointed that it turned out not to be the genre I was expecting. Creepy cover on the DVD though.
(amazon.ca link)

The Phantom of the Opera - DVD
I got this out of the library recently and was surprized how much I enjoyed it. Hearing the music will always remind me of my sister Suzie whom played, sang and played it some more. I bet if you handed me the sheet music and there was a piano nearby I could muster getting through a song or two myself. The movie felt very true to the spirit of the work, and it also felt like quite the magical (and rockin'!) world. I look to watching it often.
(amazon.ca link)

Barbarellla - DVD
At $6.99 it was impossible to pass up the campy fun that is Barbarella. I also picked it as that was my intended (albiet unused) Halloween costume idea. There is always next year!
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Anonymous said...

I almost bought Barbarella for $4 and decided to hold off. Glad I did. Finally got it from Zip and have to say, didn't love it. I can see the appeal and why it was so groundbreaking but overall, I have no need to see it ever again.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Wow, not even worth $4? Eep! Good thing you got it through zip then!

I initially got it from the library and was blown away with how much I liked it. It's completely cheesy, but I love the sets, the clothes and most of all her attitude! There's a crazy openmindedness I thought was fantastic.

Suzie Ridler said...

I think your selections are great Shannon, especially Phantom! I'm glad you think of that musically fondly and that I did not destroy it for you with playing the soundtrack over and over and over. That is definitely one for my wishlist too. I hope I can start doing this DIY entertainment club soon too, it's wonderful.

Enjoy the X-Files for me OK?!

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