Sunday, 30 November 2008

DIY Entertainment Club


Tried for the first time in October, slightly tardy posting this DIY! The reason I strayed from my usual amazon order was the search for the ever elusive John Woo film The Killer. I have had it on request from the Toronto Public Library (after 2 years, I'm 14/110 people for the *VHS* copy). I missed the a showing at the Bloor and finally enquired about it at HMV where I was informed it had no current North American release. On the Criterion site, it's Out of Print too! BOO to that! I needed to see it before December 1, 2008 to complete my 101 films I can't believe I haven't seen list, and I was determine to get it! I heard good things from others that used YesAsia, so I gave it a try. As I'm a sucker for getting free shipping, I picked out 2 other selections snagging Johnny To's Sparrow starring Simon Yam and Wong Kar-Wai's My Blueberry Nights.

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