Tuesday, 4 November 2008

My Week In Film


It's been a little bit since I've had a chance to share My Week In Film. The majority of film time & energy for the past two weeks has been living, loving and covering the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Even with festivalling like made, I did make it to the theatre to catch a couple of times for repeat viewings with Mamma Mia! and Amal. Mamma Mia! I've seen three times in the theatre this year. I rarely get a chance to do this but each time was with delightful woman company and I enjoyed it each and every time. Three times in the theatre is a personal record for me, the only other films I've seen that many times was Pitch Black, Some Kind of Wonderful and possibly The Abyss.

It was great to see Amal again, really quite engaging to watch a second time which I didn't even think of. The process of deciding the film was funny as Suzie and I had two possible options, and were on the subway judging how long it would take to get to each theatre, the approximate end time to fit out scheudules and then of course what film to see. The options were City of Ember or Amal. It was a hard call becuase I had seen Amal but not City of Ember so I didn't know what to suggest only having seen the one. It's odd - I see movies all the time and sometimes it's easy to make recommendations, but then if I do I feel like it's a personal responsibility to make sure that the other person will like the film, which isn't always clear. But this time it worked out, as we both enjoyed the film. The theatre was so hot though, it was quite the experiential moment because it felt like we were in India.


With celebrating Halloween I of course had to check out scary movies. The Halloween selection for a new film this year ended up being The Last Winter which is not a horror film. The cover and IMDb make it look out to be but it so isn't. It's really a message movie or you could stretch it to be speculative fiction. Because of the mixed messages, I wasn't happy about that one at all. Some interesting ideas but mostly I felt tricked - especially after hearing good things about it!

Last up for films was Videodrome which was totally weird, as expected. It's been on my list to see for a while, specifically my 101 Film I Can't Believe I Haven't Seen list. I have to say, what is it with David Cronenberg and visceral, animal like things with mechanical properties? One thing I will say is he is consistantly forward thinking in terms of where we will go with technology, how it becomes used and abused. I felt like this with eXistance as well.

Last up film endeavors was the 48 Hour Film Project: Toronto on the weekend which was a lot of fun. I was thrilled to be one of the judges for the competition. It was a great experience and there were some fantastic films in there. It's amazing what people did in just 48 hours. Congratulations to all the filmmakers!

Up this week: I'm hoping to catch some of the Canadian releases out there (Passchedaele, Heaven on Earth) and continue to plow through the remaining films on my 101 Film I Can't Believe I Haven't Seen (less than a month until the time is up!)

How was your week?



Suzie Ridler said...

I've been thinking about the choosing-a-movie process we went through all the way downtown not knowing which theatre we'd end up in and am so very happy that we saw Amal. For some reason it was on my brain all day yesterday. I LOVED it Shannon and it was the right choice.

I am also thrilled I got to see Mama Mia with you and Jamie and Mom. What a joy and special experience that was and for me, it was my first time and the best!

That is a shame The Last Winter wasn't a horror movie for Halloween, what a total bummer!

I've always wanted to see Videodrome but am not sure I can handle it. Sounds like it lived up to its reputation for being totally bizarre and disturbing.

Great week in film Shannon! LOVED it!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

The choosing process was really interesting wasn't it? Sometimes it felt a little 'ack!' but it all turned out well and I'm glad, especially because you ended up liking the movie - rock on!

Mamma Mia! was really great, I totally see why it's done so well.

I don't think you'd like Videodrome to be honest, there are some interesting ideas but I don't think it would be a good fit. Hehe, I think it's easier to give non-recommendations than recommendations!

drewbacca said...

Glad you saw Amal again. That's a new one to me, but I saw it for the movie club a couple months back and really enjoyed it.

And Pitch Black 3 times? Nice. Love that movie for lots of reasons. I saw it in the theater too and was completely taken by surprise on how good it is.

Also, you should try to catch up with Rachel Getting Married this week if you can. One of the best of the year easily and my first 5/5 star film for 2008.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Thanks for the reminder Andrew! I do want to see that one and will try to fit it in!

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