Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Poll Results: December Is the Month When...


The results are in and even with holidays around the corner, the majority (88%) of us are still thinking about film whether its new ones out (37% for All the best films come out and 12% for It's all about Christmas at the theatre) or cozying up at home (37%). On the film side, 12% of us are too busy this month for watching film. Here are the individual results:

37 % All the best films come out
37 % It's cocoon time to watch films at home
12 % It's all about Christmas at the theatre
12 % Too busy for film watching

I've never actually spent Christmas at the theatre, but I was going to trek out (literally) this year to see Star Trek before they shifted the release date until May 2009. Considering the we got quite the snowfall today, I would be very inclined to be part of the cocoon tribe!

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