Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Poll Results: What is the Best Vampire/Romance Phenomena

Holy smokes, talk about tie-o-rama. Out of the seven choices there were three common results. Let's looks at what people enjoyed the most!

Overall more people like than not vampire/romances: 80/20 split
TV vs Film vampire/romance: is even split at 31% for Buffy/Angel & True Blood vs Twilight and Interview with a Vampire
A slight margin for the current vs older picks - 18% each for True Blood and Twilight vs 13% to Buffy / Angel and Interview with a Vampire
Tie for blanket statements with 18% each for They All Rock! and They All Suck.

Itemized Results:
1st place is a four way tie at 18% each:
True Blood, Twilight, They All Rock! and They All Suck

2nd place is a two way tie at 13% each:
Buffy / Angel Series and Interview with a Vampire

Last place is no love for Underworld at 0%


Suzie Ridler said...

I had not seen True Blood or Twilight before I voted and had to go for the classic and still would after seeing them but wow, those were so close! Except for Underworld. Fascinating Shannon!

Anonymous said...

Damn, I can't believe Underworld got no love. Sorry I missed the poll, I would have voted for it.

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