Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Friday the 13th (2009)

Dir: Marcus Nispel (Pathfinder)
Cast: Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker, Amanda Righetti, Derek Mears, Aaron Yoo, Travis Van Winkle
USA, 2009

Seen: February 16, 2009 at AMC Yonge & Dundas

Reason to see: Ah, retrospectively I'm not sure why I went to see this. Interest in the horror genre I suppose.

Is it sad to start this review off by saying I expected more from this film? I wasn't expecting anything spectacular but I thought it would at least be scary. The film does get the series back to it's roots by selecting Crystal Lake as the setting from the first film, and although it does have a few interesting ideas the majority of the film reads like Part II where there story is basically the setting and the focus is on creative kills, gore and nudity.

For fans of the series, there is a fair amount of homage love from music to props to even just being back at Crystal Lake. I also would have to say the performance by Travis Van Winkle as 'the jerk boyfriend' Trent was spot on.

I might be done on slasher movies with this one. We shall see.

Warnings: Violence, gratuitious nudity

Shannon's Overall View:
I didn't love it
I wouldn't watch it again, although curious to check out earlier ones in the series
I'd recommend it only for horror fans of the slasher variety

15 minutes of preshow including 6 previews: Race to Witch Mountain, Watchmen, The Last House of the Left, Obsessed, Observe & Report and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

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